Why use Jack Hooks ? Good Question !!

Here are a few GREAT Reasons !!

  • Pros & Tournament Anglers Jack Hooks saves Tons of time with a 5 second wrap! Fish Faster with Jack Hooks!!
  • Ice Anglers can leave their Gloves on when tying knots !! Fish Warmer and Longer with Jack Hooks !!
  • Beginners can Fish like a Pro on Day one, So Easy to use, Tournament Ready! Fish Like a Pro With Jack Hooks!! Profiles
  • Folks injured or with physical limitation so easy you can tie one on with mittens on and a taught line. Fish with No-Limitations with Jack Hooks!!
  • Young Anglers Love the High Tech Digital Profiles laser-cut-to shape! Fish High Tech with Jack Hooks!!
  • Senior Citizens love the simple and Easy to Use secure wrap is a snap for Anglers of any age. Fish Again with Jack Hooks!!
  • Parents don't have to tie your kids hooks all day Fish with your Kids with Jack Hooks!!