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Well as a pro staff member for many companys. I have been fishing since I could put a pole in my hand and it has not left since I grew up in central New York and I target multiple species fish my favorites are Pike, Trout,Tiger Musky, and Bass but I like catching them all. I have two daughters and a very supportive wife that allows me all the time on the water so i owe allot of my success to her. I love taking my daughters out fishing to pass on the traditions that my grandfather and uncles passed down to me. I learned at a very young age if there something you want you have too work for it and I take this advise to the water every time I go fishing. All and All I love the sport of fishing and showing others how to land the big ones and to pass it on to there friends and family so we don't loose are heritage. Fishing is in are blood and will continue to be forever. So get out there and fish, take a kid with you it might be you that changes there life forever.